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Sheltering our neighbor to uplift our community

The Emergency Residence Project is an organization that provides shelter and food to the homeless, and whenever possible, help to prevent individuals from becoming or remaining homeless.  We seek to do so in a welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere that respects their human dignity.  It is our goal to involve the community in the provision of services to the homeless and in fostering the conditions that prevent homelessness.


Reggie’s Sleepout is happening March 24th!

Reggie’s Sleepout raises much-needed funds and awareness to support child and youth homelessness in our community. Three organizations that directly work to address this issue will benefit from funds raised during the event: YSS, ACCESS and ERP.

To contribute to ERP’s sleepout team, visit their fundraising page.

More information is available at the Reggie’s Sleepout Ames page