• Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA)
    Phone: 956-3333 | Address: 230 SE 16th Street, Ames
    Food pantry and can provide a list of other food pantries and resources in Story County.
  • Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS)
    Phone: 292-2035 | Address: 126 S Kellogg #101, Ames
    Individuals and families can apply for food stamps.
  • Bethesda Lutheran Church
    Phone: 515-232-6256 | Address: 1517 Northwestern, Ames
    Hours of Operation: Tues 1-3 PM and 6:30-8 PM, Wed 9-11 AM, Thurs 1-3 PM
    Food pantry.
  • Food at First
    Phone: 515-232-5766 | Address: 611 Clark Ave, Ames
    Hours of Operation: Sun-Fri 5:45-6:15 PM.  Lunch on Sat at 11:30 AM
    Serves a meal every day of the week at First Christian Church.
  • Calvary United Methodist Church
    Phone: 515-232-6329 | Address: 24th and Hoover, Ames
    Food shelf (call for times).
  • Story County Community Services
    Phone: 515-663-2930 | Address: 126 South Kellogg, Suite 001, Ames
    May issue store vouchers for groceries. Income and other guidelines must be met.
  • Seventh Day Adventist Food Pantry
    Phone: 232-0472 | Address: 13th and Grand, Ames
    Appointments only.
  • Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance
    Phone: 515-296-1449 | Address: 613 Clark Ave, Ames
    Food vouchers. Call Mon-Fri 9-12 AM for an appointment.
  • Salvation Army
    Phone: 515-233-3567 | Address: 703 East Lincoln Way, Ames
    Food pantry. Call for hours.
  • Food at First Free Market
    Address: 611 Clark Ave, Ames
    Hours of Operation: Mon/Thurs 4:45 PM, Sat 10 AM
    Free market with mainly produce available.