In-Kind Support

Food Donations

We have a regular schedule of faith groups who are responsible for most evening meals each month, which takes care of many of our food needs. Some items (breakfast cereal, coffee, sugar, margarine, snack foods, etc.) are much appreciated. If you would like to make a food donation or would like to volunteer to make a meal, please call 515-232-8075.
Please note, we cannot accept donations of food that are expired or beyond their Sell By, Best By, Use By, or any other utilization date.

Due to our limited amount of space, we are unable to accept most clothing donations. If you have clothing items to donate, please contact us (515-232-8075) before bringing in clothing donations to ensure we have a need for particular clothing items. We would also encourage you to contact one of our partner agencies that could also use these items.

Donations of Supplies

We welcome donations of many household items. Our needs vary so it is sometimes best to call ahead. Some of the things we need regularly include:
Cy Ride bus tickets
Garbage bags (13 gallon)
Gas station cards (Hanson Sinclair is preferred)
Grocery gift cards (ALDI’s is preferred)
Laundry soap
Paper towels

Critical Needs as of October 15, 2018:

Anti-bacterial wipes
Dish Soap
Dishwasher tabs
Flat Sheets (twin size)
Handwarmer packets
Men’s Socks
Rubber gloves/plastic gloves
Sandwich bags
Sleeping bags
Winter hats

Food Needs:

Boxed meals
Canned fruit