NOTE: Most of the agencies listed below require a decision form from Story Co. Community Services for rent and MICA for utility assistance. Please go to these agencies first.

  • Story County Community Services
    Phone: 663-2930 | Address: 126 S. Kellogg, Suite #001, Ames
    May help with current month’s rent or utilities. Call for eligibility rules (not eligible: FIP, Soc. Sec. or SSI recipients and students).
  • Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA)
    Phone: 515-956-3333 | Address: 230 SE 16th Street
    May have funding resources to help with some utilities including home heating. MICA also has a home winterization program.
  • Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance
    Phone: 296-1449 | Address: 613 Clark, Ames
    Walk-in Applications: Monday 9:00-11:30AM & Thursday 3:00-5:30PM
  • Emergency Residence Project
    Phone: 232-8075 | 225 S. Kellogg, Ames
    Walk-in applications taken Mon and Thurs 9-3:30.
  • Christ Community Church
    Phone: 515-232-2765 | Address: 5501 GW Carver, Ames
    Ames and Gilbert residents only. Walk-in applications taken Wed 1-3 AM.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
    Phone: 515-292-3810 | Address: 2210 Lincoln Way, Ames
    Call 8 AM sharp on Thursdays for an appointment. Call back a short time later if line is busy. Available slots may fill quickly.
  • St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
    Phone: 515-382-2974 | Address: 1110 11th Street, Nevada
    For Nevada and other Eastern (East of I-35 highway) Story County residents. (Ames is excluded). Call for appointment.
  • Salvation Army
    Phone: 515-233-3567 | Address: 703 E. Lincoln Way
    Call for appointment.